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The idea for Lantite Test Help was born in 2017 due to frustrations and question from university students just like yourselves. However, it was not until 2018 that the idea was finally able to be put into practice and this website was created and launched by me, Josh. I am happy to say that I successfully passed the Lantite Test and am now a teacher in NSW. My aim through Lantite Test Help is to assist as many students as possible to chase and achieve their dreams of graduating and becoming teachers. 

Who am I?

Lantite Test Help has been created and is run by myself, Josh (with the occasional outside help). I am a high school teacher who is currently teaching in NSW. I had to sit the Lantite test in 2016 just like you have to and discovered that there was so little help and information out there to assist me and others. Watching others stress and worry about their Lantite test and the idea of failing led me to think that there must be something that can be done to help them out. 

My aim is to cut through the confusion of the Lantite test, reduce your stress in regards to the test, give you the information you need about the test and help you to not waste your time worrying about the Lantite test. Exams can be stressful enough for people let alone a test that can stop you from becoming a teacher. Talk about scary!

By 2017, I noticed students were still lost and confused regarding the Lantite test and this is when I decided to do something about it. I had previously mucked around with websites and decided that I would just make a website containing everything that people needed to know about the Lantite test in one place. 

Why Lantite Test Help?

Lantite Test Help is created by a student who has sat the exams for students who have to sit the exams. My aim is not to sell as many resources as possible to make money. Rather, my aim is to sell as many resources as possible to help people pass the Lantite and become amazing teachers. I have sat the test, I know what you are going thorugh right now and what you will go through as you do complete your Lantite.

I do acknolwedge that our products do come with some costs. We have tried as hard as possible to minimise these costs and regularly review them also. To run this website and spend time creating resources costs us a large amount of money and time also and the small costs of our resources cover these expenses. We do review our prices regularly and reduce their costs as more people use our resources.

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