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On this page you will find solutions for the Numeracy test questions. We have tried our best to try to explain how the answer was calculated. Sometimes it is hard to explain these concepts via text and typing so if you are still confused or find any errors please contact us and we will try our best to assist you.

Please note: This page is still under construction and more questions and solutions will be added over time. 

Simply find number of the question from your test  and click on the corresponding question number below

The LANTITE test is a literacy and numeracy test that has been designed and implemented for education students studying to become teachers. LANTITE stands for Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education students. All education students must meet a minimum standard to pass the test. They must pass the test before the completion of their qualification.

All teacher education students (people studying at uni to become teachers) must sit and pass the LANTITE test before they can become fully qualified teachers.

The LANTITE test is technically one test. However, it consists of two separate components, these being literacy and numeracy. Although one test, each component is sat individually so you will need to sit through two different test sessions to complete the LANTITE test. If that sounds confusing think of it like this, you need to pass a literacy test and also a numeracy test to pass the LANTITE. It’s just less confusing if we think of them as two separate tests.

According to ACER, you are eligible to sit each component of the Lantite test 3 times for each component. 

There are more attempts allowed after your third however, these must be in consultation with your higher education  provider who may consider you to have an extra attempt (up to a maximum of five).

Please note: You are not guaranteed extra attempts past three attempts so you preparation is key.

Each component of the Lantite test goes for 2 hours. Meaning, literacy is two hours and numeracy is two hours. It is not a 4 hour test as each component is sat individually and can be on different days depending on when you book in to complete your tests. 

The full test consists of 130 questions in total. There are 65 questions for literacy and 65 questions for numeracy.

In numeracy, this is further broken down into 52 questions where you are allowed a calculator and a further 13 non-calculator questions.

There is a pass mark for the LANTITE however, it can change depending on the difficulty of the test version you sit. There is a standard that you must meet to pass your LANTITE. You must perform so that your results are within the top 30% of the general population for both literacy and numeracy.

This can sound a little daunting at times which is why we are here to help! Check out Our Ultimate LANTITE Study Guide and what it includes if you are looking for some good study resources.

If you don’t pass the LANTITE test then you will have to resit the test. If you happen to pass one out of the two components (E.g. you pass literacy but do not pass numeracy) then you only have to resit the component that you did not sit. You will have to pay the cost again to sit this component. See costs below for more information.

There is a limit on how many times the test can be taken. 

If you find yourself worried or struggling we highly recommend reading the how can I study for the Lantite questions below or get in contact with us so we can try and point you in the right direction. 

The short answer is yes. The long answer is each component will cost you $98.00. So the whole LANTITE will cost $196 if you pass the first time. If you need to resit a component you will be required to pay again.

No you cannot. We have heard that some universities may cover the cost of the LANTITE test for you but in our experience most will not and you will need to pay for it upfront when registering for the test you wish to sit.

This is one of the areas of greatest confusion. Becuase the information around the LANTITE is not super clear and helpful it can be hard to study for. We recommend going over the literacy and numeracy basics at around a yr 9 NAPLAN level. This is a similar level to some of the questions in the LANTITE.

We currently offer some study resources to help people prepare for the Lantite Test too. 

Our Ultimate Lantite Study Guide helps to give you as much information as we could find about the Lantite test in one location to save you hours of research and confusion.

We also have Numeracy practice quizzes and questions. These are designed to be of a similar standard and style of question to the numeracy lantite test to give you lots of practice and confidence before sitting your test. 

This site was designed by myself, Josh. A student who had to sit the LANTITE in 2016 and discovered there was so little information about it. I figured it would get better as the years passed but as of 2018 there was still so much confusion surrounding it from my fellow uni students that I decided to launch this site.

Everything you find here is from my own experience, I have sat the LANTITE and passed the LANTITE. I know how confusing it can be and I know the best resources to use to revise (well, in my opinion anyway).

We recommend sitting your LANTITE ASAP in a part of the year that is not as busy. We all know most semesters or trimesters are way busier toward the end of them so we would avoid these areas. Find a time of the year that your workload is less and try and get your LANTITE out of the way sooner rather then later. If you leave it until your last semester and then happen to not pass you may prolong your degree by accident.

The best way to reduce anxiety is to know what you are getting yourself into. The more you can learn about the LANTITE test and what is involved as well as how you complete it the better.

This is why I wrote Our Ultimate LANTITE Study Guide. It will tell you everything you need to know and more and even includes test taking strategies to assist you in reducing your anxiety whilst sitting the test. Don’t reckon it could be that great? I reckon you should go and check it out just in case.

Lantite results are released approximately a month after the testing window finishes. The results are released within a certain week with no set date given for their release. Usually they are released towards the end of the week.

If you would like to know more about the release dates they can be found on ACER’s website.

Still got questions about the Lantite tests but don’t have the answer?
Why not Contact us and we will do our best to find an answer for you 

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