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We recommend Cluey Learning. They are available online so can help you out wherever you are located and have an exclusive offer just for visitors to our site. This is an affiliate link but we only recommend them because of the awesome feedback we have gotten from students who have tried them out before.

Choose your Lantite Study Resources

Our Lantite study resources have been created us at Lantite Test Help. That means that they have been created by students who have sat and passed the Lantite tests for students. We understand what is involved with your Lantite test as we have been through the entire process ourselves.

We know that these resources may not be the best option for everyone to reach Lantite success. If you are unsure about what would be the most helpful option for you then please contact us and ask so we can point you in the right direction.  

We are launching combo deals in the future too to save you more money!

The Ultimate Lantite Study Guide

  • Everything you need to know about your Lantite Test in one place
  • Save time searching for information
  • Instant PDF download
  • Study checklist included
  • Study resources we used to pass our own Lantite
  • Download it, save it and share it with anyone you want

Lantite Numeracy Practice Questions

$ 25
  • Hundreds of practice questions in one place
  • Choose the type of question you want to study
  • Practice tests with 65 questions and a timer on screen just like the Lantite
  • Questions randomised each time your complete a test
  • Receive your results to review your test at the end

Lantite Literacy Practice Questions

$ 15
  • Questions are randomised so no two tests are the same
  • Instant online access with registration and purchase
  • Receive instant feedback upon completing a test
  • Practice as many times as you like with unlimited attempts
  • Receive feedback on different question categories
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Please note: this page does contain affiliate links for Cluey learning and we may be paid by Cluey Learning for sending them leads. However, we only recommend them because we know they have done a fantastic job with students of ours already and want to help as many people as possible.

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